Should you hire a wedding planner

Should you hire a wedding planner?

Have you heard stories or been to a wedding where something didn’t go right?  I am sure that you have, because it happens all the time no matter who is in charge.  The key is how those problems are managed and resolved.  When a planner is not involved, is there someone designated to solve the issue of the caterer setting up in the wrong area?  Who is making sure that the gifts and cards are being collected and taken to a secure location?  Or how about someone to find the cake knife and server when they disappear minutes before it is time to cut the cake?  Without a professional planner, friends and family are scrambling to solve these mishaps while also trying to enjoy the wedding as guests.

Sure you are working within a budget and want to save money, but everyone seems to think they can save on costs by “doing it themselves.”  You will invest in a great photographer to capture the moments.  You will hire a floral designer to make everything look beautiful and select linens to finish the look of your dreams.  However, when it comes to getting a professional coordinator to pull all the details together, some couples think they can skimp on that.  There is a lot of money and time spent in planning, but come wedding day, the execution of everything is pawned off on an aunt, friend, or catering manager.  Hiring a wedding planner who knows what they are doing will let you relax, give you peace of mind and let you and your guests enjoy your wedding.  Even if there are beautiful décor elements and photos to capture it all, if you and your guests didn’t fully enjoy it, that’s what will be remembered.

So if you really want to have fun and enjoy the most important day of your life and share it with the most important people in your life, the services of a professional wedding planner are indispensable.